Maximum Networks is a full-service, managed IT support provider, working with companies and organisations of every size to deliver powerful, reliable, agile and cost-effective technological solutions and backup support.

With a multi-skilled in-house team of technicians, engineers and remote help desk advisers, we help clients achieve success, scale their processes and leverage the best in modern tech, giving them the assurance that their outsourced IT infrastructure is aligned with their key aspirations.

From our HQ in Birmingham, we deliver on-site, remote and 24/7 assistance, pre-empting issues, providing independent consultations and covering everything from telecoms to cloud transitions, video conferencing & CCTV to data security.

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Our free health check covers broadband, phone systems, IT services, data backup and more!

What’s included in a Health Check?


Cloud Based Migration of your Servers / Phone System / Data - In preparation for the 2025 Switch Off


Cost Analysis- Lines, Sip Calls, Broadband


Broadband - Reliability & Speed check


Phone System- Handsets, Equipment


Internal Cabling / WiFi


Security- CCTV & door entry


IT Support Services – Helpdesk / Cyber Security


Data Backup


Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity


Office Printing Costs (copiers / desktop printers)


Our aim is to add value to your IT and communication telecoms network, focusing on solutions that meet demand, provide future-proof functionality, and offer the tools your teams need to boost productivity through integrations and automation.

As experts in Managed IT Support, Maximum Networks delivers the certainty that your systems, networks and devices are working seamlessly, with a variety of bolt-ons, telephone maintenance packages and services to adapt to your needs as your business grows.

We recognise that business owners and in-house IT teams are often busy and facilitate flawless communications with a digital ticketing system for support requests and secure online billing processes – alongside TeamViewer remote logins, so we can see exactly what you do when you’re experiencing a glitch, outage or problem.

Through the intelligent use of latest technologies, we bring focus so that you achieve your company objectives. We deliver Managed IT support in Birmingham and throughout the UK, both remotely and on site via our mobile IT support team.


Why Work With Maximum Networks

1 5 Stars

5 Star Service

We have 1000’s of satisfied clients

2 Desktop Computer

Industry Leading

We only partner with the best solutions

3 Certificate

Certified & Experienced

Relax knowing you are well supported 24/7

4 Phone

Fixed Price

Install and service warranties provided


Maximise your business communications with our state-of-the-art telephone systems. From VoIP to Mitel systems, we offer tailored solutions to streamline your calling capabilities and enhance collaboration within your organisation.
Leverage the power of the cloud with our flexible and secure cloud solutions. We provide a range of services, including cloud-based communications, data storage, and application hosting, helping your business improve efficiency and accessibility while reducing costs.
Our comprehensive managed IT support and desktop solutions ensure your business stays up and running smoothly. With expert guidance, proactive maintenance, and timely assistance, we keep your IT infrastructure secure, efficient, and reliable.
Our team of experienced telephone engineers ensures seamless installations and system upgrades for your business. We provide professional, efficient, and hassle-free services, helping you optimise your communication infrastructure with minimal downtime.
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Enhance your business security with our advanced CCTV and entry systems. From surveillance cameras to access control solutions, we provide customised options to protect your premises and assets, ensuring peace of mind and safety for your business.
Experience high-speed, reliable business broadband solutions tailored to your unique needs. We offer a range of connectivity options, including leased lines, to ensure your business stays connected and competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


Enhancing Business Productivity With IT Support Audits

Our starting point with any new client is to offer an IT Health Check – entirely free of charge. An audit of your IT infrastructure and devices helps us formulate a bespoke and sector-specific strategy to transform the way your networks and systems interconnect and support the needs of your organisation.

IT Health Checks cover every aspect of your technological assets:

  • Analysing costs – looking at the overall expenditure on calls, line rental, software packages and broadband to see where we can reduce your overheads.
  • Reviewing connectivity – assessing the speed, reliability and capacity of your broadband and phone systems to recommend the services and equipment that will best serve your requirements.
  • Appraising business security – from digital surveillance equipment to remote access permissions, system cybersecurity safeguards and the risks of downtime, we identify ways to improve security across the board.

Maximum Networks endeavours to get to know every client, ensuring our skilled technicians can explore solutions, provide jargon-free guidance and work through your pain points to devise fast, effective remedies.

Why Choose Maximum Networks for Your Business IT Support?

Our teams are highly qualified, accredited and certified in their respective specialisms. They give you access to a huge scope of knowledge and expertise – whether you need creative ideas to help you manage specific challenges or want a full assessment and appraisal about where your IT could be letting you down.

We are proud of the services we deliver, offering priority responses to business-critical issues and stamping out vulnerabilities within your digital infrastructure before they become a threat. Covering a complete range of IT services ensures our clients can work with one reputable and trusted IT partner for every need that arises, now and in the longer term, including:

No project is too large or too small, and we are happy to deploy engineers to visit your premises to walk through your systems, inspect your set-up and devices, and discuss your objectives to ensure we provide solutions that will support your core business aspirations.

We don’t cut corners, upsell, or recommend any solution – be that hardware, software, CCTV security or connectivity – that we don’t think will be in the best interests of your business. This ethos is why many of our clients have been with Maximum Networks for years and wouldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Maximising Business Performance With Expert IT Assistance

Prospective clients are welcome to contact us at any time or to browse through our vast library of resources and service details to learn more about our offerings or to assess the types of IT support, audits and consultancies that are most relevant to their needs.

Our services continually evolve as new technologies and functionalities come onto the market. We share these innovations with every client to give you insights into the solutions available, explore the advantages they offer, and ensure you have the first access to improvements that will augment the way you work – and, ultimately, your growth, revenues and success.

Get in touch today to arrange your free IT Health Check, or give us a call at your convenience for an informal chat.


Get in touch with us today, call us on 0330 102 7444.


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