Solution Based Telecoms for GP Surgeries

Modern telecoms are imperative for GP surgeries coping with large patient cohorts, increased demand for appointments and interactions, and seeking to meet evolving regulatory standards and requirements imposed by NHS England mandates.

Maximum Networks provides a broad range of technology, integrated telecoms and communication systems that offer exceptional service levels, aiding in better security and confidentiality, faster patient responsiveness, and improved practice performance.

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Benefits of Advanced Telephone Systems for Primary Care

Legacy systems are inflexible and rely on support colleagues manually handling hundreds of calls per day – in many cases, multiple times more calls than administrative teams can respond to.

Coupled with a growing reliance on primary care services and the need to move away from conventional copper-wired phones before these become redundant, many practices are working proactively to assess the most suitable solutions.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telecoms are one of the most popular options, reducing the costs of line rental and calls, providing outstanding call clarity, even for long-distance calls, and introducing lower maintenance requirements and greater agility to utilise technology to manage calls during peak periods.

Investing in cutting-edge telephone systems configured and programmed to your specific requirements delivers returns in lower overheads, vastly improved patient satisfaction, and priority handling of urgent calls to ensure services can be targeted to those most in need.

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Choosing the Right Digital Telecoms for a GP Practice

Hosted phone systems provide an end-to-end solution, with our experienced technicians managing all ongoing updates and maintenance, eliminating any issues with outages and downtime that may mean patients are unable to access their GP surgery, make an appointment, request a repeat prescription or advise of a cancellation.

The technologies available are extensive and increasingly affordable as more private and public sector clinics and practices opt to switch. There are several core benefits, such as:

  • Scaling services up and down according to demand, such as adding additional call responses during the roll-out of an initiative, such as seasonal immunisations.
  • Adding automated messages, information, call routing, voice-to-email logs, call monitoring and hold patterns without a patient ever experiencing an endlessly engaged tone.
  • Integrating telecoms with other systems including patient records, matching call numbers to their contact details on file, practice databases and infrastructure, and software such as EMIS Web and SystmOne.

As practices merge or offer segregated services, these features can add further value, routing calls to a particular line or clinic, directing patients to the service they are looking for, and providing call menus to refine the way calls are handled and forwarded.

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Choose Maximum Networks for Your GP Surgery Telecoms Upgrade

Our multi-skilled teams provide a huge range of technological services, from managed IT support to remote help desk assistance, on-site cabling and networking, and strategic transition implementation to shift your surgery from outdated tech and reinforce the dependability and performance of your patient-focused services.

We consult with every client to understand your objectives, whether you need a cloud-based phone system that is as efficient and incorporates seamless automation or wish to find the best way to phase out legacy phone lines without impacting patient continuity.

Customised telecoms deliver targeted improvements, with the assurance of a professional support team to manage every element, from commissioning and installations, training and maintenance, and offering recommendations to ensure your practice is as cost-efficient and responsive as possible.

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Telecoms Mandates and Regulatory Standards for GP Practices

While cloud-based telecoms with flexible call-handling features are undoubtedly a valuable, cost-saving asset for GP surgeries, they are also necessary for practices that must adhere to changing standards and requirements enforced by NHS contractual agreements.

As part of revised initiatives from the Department for Health and Social Care, GPs, community-based primary care service providers, and other organisations carrying out NHS work must conform to evolving mandates:

  • Primary care physicians and GP surgeries are expected to replace conventional wired phone systems with digital phones as a priority.
  • All surgeries must replace outdated phone lines before BT switches off the PSTN network, depending on supplier contracts and patient needs.
  • In compliance with CQC standards and government directives around digitising patient records, many surgeries must upgrade communication and record-keeping systems to demonstrate adherence and sustain regulatory standard assessments.

Transitioning call handling to a secure, cloud-based system is a future-proof strategy, with better patient and staff experiences, more precise call handling, and the option of adding new lines as and when required to manage any volume of calls without backlogs, bottlenecks or pressure on limited time and resources.

Professional Telecoms Support for GP Surgeries and Primary Healthcare Organisations

Maximum Networks can assist at any stage, whether your surgery is looking for the best quality telecom services or wishes to combine a phone system upgrade with more advanced IT solutions, business broadband and digital security safeguards.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to enquire about the right telecoms and support infrastructure our telecoms experts may suggest for your practice.



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