Our FREE IT AUDIT and business telecoms health check covers broadband, phone systems, security, IT services and much more to provide you peace of mind and future proof options for your business decisions.

Make sure that you are prepared for the PSTN/ISDN Switch-Off scheduled for April 2025. Our health check provide options on how this impact your business.

Our complimentary health check carries a value of over £300, claim this now for free as a part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer service and value.

Free IT Audit from Maximum Networks

Free IT Audit

IT Audit Process

Maximum Networks Free IT Audit Process

IT systems, networks, software, telephony and devices are crucial to the everyday work of any business, from sending and receiving calls and messages, processing orders, marketing products and services, and communicating with customers, vendors and workforces.

So often, companies stand to benefit enormously from a professional IT audit, which can identify areas with great potential for improved efficiency, reduced downtime and better productivity while ensuring performance problems are dealt with quickly.

The core aim of our IT audit service is to ensure you get the best out of your tech and telephone systems and have all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about where to implement upgrades or how to protect your IT infrastructure from cybersecurity threats.

With the nationwide rollouts of fibre broadband and the transition from PSTN phone lines happening simultaneously, there has never been a better time to arrange a convenient date for your IT audit and to ensure your business IT is future-proof and primed for growth.

Free it audit from Maximum
IT Audit Details

IT Audit

What Does a Free IT Audit Include?

Our free IT audit service is comprehensive and includes the use of analytics, systems testing, physical inspections, threat management tools and auditing software to see how your digital infrastructure, processes and communications assets are working.

We can concentrate IT audits on specific areas of concern or aspects of technology that are business-critical, without which you wouldn’t be able to trade or take a broad-scope approach to gather information at all touchpoints.

For every business arranging a free IT audit, we’ll work through the following areas:

    • Analysing and determining where your most important digital and cybersecurity risks lie, including gaps in security that could cause potential issues.
    • Data management processes, such as disaster recovery plans and data security software and systems.
    • General cybersecurity appraisals, seeing how well protected you are from malicious hacking, viruses, malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.
    • Network health audits assessing how your system capacity copes during peak times or why your telephone systems and broadband are sluggish or unpredictable when demand is high.
    • Hardware testing, looking at both physical and digital technology, and whether you have the scope and space to expand, manage heavier traffic or process more sales.
    • Overall system performance testing, evaluating whether there are areas with the opportunity to introduce automation, mitigate data siloes or speed up interactions between parts of your IT infrastructure.
    • Internal, external and remote connections, testing internet availability and connectivity speeds, and whether remote and BYOD connections are safe, efficient and reliable.

IT audits can take longer for businesses with more complex IT systems or a greater number of devices and workstations. Still, we believe this depth of analysis is essential and ensure each audit covers all of the relevant aspects that could influence the success of your organisation.

IT Health Check

What Are the Benefits of an Independent IT Health Check?

A streamlined, functional and agile IT system is a necessity for every company, and the auditing process ensures you have the right measures in place to protect sensitive data, safeguard your organisation from threats, and deliver responsive, professional services to your clients.

Resolve Ongoing Niggles or Performance Issues

If there are aspects of your network that need optimisation or areas within your technology that are not correctly connected or integrated, this information can be a quick and easy way to remedy any long-term glitches and keep your systems working as hard as you do.

Improved Digital Security and Disaster Recovery Plans

Cybersecurity is often a serious consideration for businesses, and our auditing services will swiftly identify gaps and vulnerabilities or areas where your anti-virus software or firewalls are insufficient. We can then provide guidance about the right data management solutions to ensure full compliance with data protection regulations.

Reducing Downtime and IT Overheads

Our free IT audit process often uncovers areas with fantastic opportunities, such as replacing outdated software or leveraging next-gen technology to reduce errors, minimise clerical workloads or ensure your customers can reach you from any place and at any time. Up-to-speed systems mean less servicing, less maintenance, and fewer outages.

Faster, More Reliable IT

Business is simply better when every device, printer, workstation, console, and connection works perfectly. We get to know your aims and aspirations before the auditing process for this very reason, using our understanding of your targets and plans to offer advice about the ideal setups or solutions.

Independent Expert Advice

Maximum Networks is entirely independent – our free IT audit service is 100% complementary and zero obligation, and it is our way of educating and supporting our business community here in the UK and preventing avoidable outages that cause so much stress.

Whether you need to gain confirmation that your network and systems are running well, comply with specific requirements or address ongoing issues, the advice we offer is yours to do with as you wish – whether you’d like us to provide a supplementary service or wish to digest the information we’ve collated to use in your decision making.

IT audit benefits

IT Auditing

What Happens During IT Auditing?

Step one is for our consultants to liaise with your in-house IT teams or managers to get an idea about the systems you use, any standards or regulations relevant to your current industry, and areas within your business processes that you feel aren’t working as well, or as securely, as you’d like them to.

Once we are confident we have a clear grasp of your core business objectives, we get started with the IT audit, looking at every aspect of your systems and comparing their performance to best practice standards using our expertise as IT professionals.

All of the information we gather during audit works is collated into a clear report, outlining our recommendations, providing factual insights into how your current setup is functioning, and identifying potential risks, opportunities and areas where we can suggest future improvements.

From there, you can opt to implement every suggestion from your full review, prioritise the most important findings, such as ensuring you have improved security before a data breach occurs, or access our resources to compare possible software solutions or support services that will add value and remove bottlenecks or inefficiencies within your business.

it audit process
Arrange IT audit

Free IT Audit

Arranging Your Complimentary Business IT Audit

If you’d like to book a free IT audit, please get in touch with the Maximum Networks team via our enquiry form or give us a call, and we’ll have an initial chat about how the auditing process works and when we have availability that will be convenient for your business.

After your audit is complete, we’ll put together a straightforward report to highlight any concerns or areas where we’d suggest speedy action and outline all of our findings without any unnecessary jargon.

Complete our content form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.