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For most organisations commercial premises, minimising or completely eradicating the risk of theft, vandalism and fire, and their associated costs and hassle, is a priority. These days, closed-circuit television (CCTV) has an increasingly important part to play in protecting people, property and other assets.



IP surveillance systems are now overtaking standard CCTV cameras, and these solutions offer a number of advantages over their traditional counterparts, including:


Greatly enhanced quality of images


Removal of the need for extensive cabling


Much simpler storage


Little maintenance, since there are no moving parts


‘Intelligent’ features including people counting and number plate recognition


Constant, live access remotely – wherever you are worldwide


The reduced cabling and maintenance make IP systems more affordable than traditional CCTV solutions

IP surveillance systems are now overtaking standard CCTV cameras. And these security systems solutions offer a number of advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Professional, Seamless Security Camera Installation

We always recommend businesses work with an experienced CCTV installer, since the fitting process requires expertise to ensure your CCTV systems are correctly positioned and set up to provide the coverage and risk-prevention you need.

Even the best CCTV system equipped with night vision and data tracking IP cameras may be ineffective if there are blind spots or the camera cannot provide adequate visibility of key entry points or restricted-access areas such as server rooms.

Our capable, efficient CCTV installers provide consultations in advance to ensure your CCTV system is ideally suited to your risk assessment priorities and is fitted and fully integrated with existing security assets.

All Maximum Networks CCTV installation processes are designed to minimise disruption, including full security camera commissioning and testing, connecting video and power cables, and providing instructions in usage so your managers, personnel or security operators understand all the features and functions.

How to Choose the Right CCTV System for Your Business

Every company, premise or property is different, and an important aspect of CCTV system installation is selecting appropriate security cameras, motion sensors, burglar alarm triggers, and power supply options that address the threats of intrusion, trespass or tampering you need to mitigate.

Here are a few of the considerations we run through when discussing CCTV cameras with any business client:

    • Does your security camera system have always-on access to a reliable power supply? Businesses with regular outages or remote premises may benefit from wireless cameras, which form part of a wireless CCTV system with high-performance batteries to avoid downtime when mains electricity fails.
    • How will you monitor your CCTV systems? If you have security staff on-site at all times, you may wish to fit a video cable connected to fixed monitors. Remote monitoring could be more suitable if you need to access your CCTV camera footage from another device when an alarm is triggered out of hours.
    • What are the primary risks you wish to prevent? Advanced technology such as IP cameras with night vision, intelligent facial recognition and body temperature detection can be ideal for sensitive commercial premises or where a security threat is most likely to occur overnight.

Commercial CCTV cameras can offer an increasingly broad range of functions and far surpass the quality you might expect from a standard home CCTV system – an independent CCTV installer can run through the best options and ensure your security systems are fit for purpose.

Designing a CCTV System for a Commercial Premise

Many CCTV systems are suitable for general usage, but our focus is on ensuring that whichever CCTV installation you select fits your security strategy and is visible enough to deter potential criminals or unauthorised intruders, with clear signage in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Wired cameras fitted to the exterior of your premise can be a proactive way to prevent intrusions, but the correct casing, CCTV camera model and camera cable equipment will vary from interior cameras, with weatherproof and anti-tamper fixings.

A CCTV camera is also only one element of a robust CCTV system, so we advise on every aspect that contributes to a dependable blanket of security coverage, including fitting power cables, testing the power supply, and installing other hardware assets such as a digital video recorder.

How Many Cameras Are Necessary for Full Site Surveillance?

Modern CCTV cameras have varied capabilities, such as pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ), facial recognition, infrared night vision, live recording, and wireless functionality, along with AI features, automatic footage back-ups and auto-recording according to your pre-programmed motion detection settings.

The correct number of cameras will depend on several factors, including the site layout, the number of entry points, visitor traffic and the positioning of the camera.

If in any doubt, please get in touch with Maximum Networks at any time for guidance and advice to ensure you select the ideal security systems, cameras and CCTV coverage to protect your site, staff and assets.


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