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Working alongside our clients to form the right solutions via design, implementation, installation and maintenance, Maximum Networks covers network cabling infrastructures and fibre optic cabling systems for businesses and industries of various sizes throughout the UK.

Industry-leading installation and maintenance services
Maximum Networks comprises a team of engineers and technical support staff who are trained and qualified in all aspects of business telecom services and can provide you with an all-in-one solution for both the installation, maintenance and repair of your company’s data and telephone systems.

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We are a Mitel-accredited partner authorised to supply and install their complete range of telecommunications hardware. We also provide aftersales support and technical advice. We work closely with a variety of other prominent manufacturers too, enabling us to provide you with a range of services that are customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

If you require assistance with your telephone network or are interested in taking advantage of a telephone systems upgrade with a leading telephone systems company, call us today to discuss your requirements for business phone installation, maintenance and repair.

The Business Benefits of Custom Phone System Installation

We recognise that every client is different and provide a full consultation to understand your priorities before we recommend any system installation solutions – from designing a phone system that can scale as you grow, support video conferencing, or that has the capabilities to manage live calls from across an international customer base.

Communications equipment is a fundamental necessity, so it is essential you have the hardware, cables, technology and connections you need to provide responsive customer service. Options might include:

  • Hosted PBX telecoms, routing your inbound and outbound calls through your internet connection without needing physical internal cabling.
  • Wireless and remote handsets; ideal for business teams and working structures where staff and colleagues need to communicate with the office at any time, from anywhere.
  • Hybrid business telephone systems, incorporating all the features you need to make and receive voice calls, interact through virtual meeting spaces, or host callers attending digital events.

Many businesses find that an initial discussion provides them with ideas about how to improve and upgrade their telephone system through an on-premise PBX system, eliminating previous issues with downtime, dropped calls, outages and slow or unreliable connections.

Choosing Next-Gen Call Handling Features for Your New Business Phone System

A high-quality business phone system can build in multiple connection features, where you can add additional lines instantly, make and receive long-distance calls with zero interference, and manage numerous telephone lines simultaneously with smart call management.

We can suggest software and hardware that provides the following:

  • Automatic routing, sending calls to a designated extension or phone line.
  • Grouped phone systems, where a customer can connect with any handset or wireless telephone within one department.
  • Auto-responders that provide informative messaging or respond to customer prompts to connect them with the appropriate person.
  • Voice-to-email telephone lines that issue notifications when a voicemail has been received.
  • Fast call forwarding, transferring calls to other telephones in another location.
  • Call recording and data collection for management overviews of business activities.

Simply let us know what you need from your phone system installation, and we can put together a tailored strategy to ensure your phones deliver, which can make all the difference to productivity while giving you the capacity and agility to manage higher call volumes with ease.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems vs. Cabled Telephone System Installation

Our engineers are well-versed in both cutting-edge and legacy business phone system design and provide maintenance, servicing and repairs to get your phones back on line when something goes wrong.

Solutions such as a PBX console are considerably faster and more cost-effective than older telephone connections, but in most cases, you can enhance and augment your current telephone system to improve call quality with minimal disruption.

There are compelling benefits to updating to a hosted PBX system. Still, businesses might also wish to maintain a cabled, desktop landline for purposes such as emergency call back-up or to route calls through a cable-connected line during power outages. Business clients may also have insulated telephone cabling installed that only supports analogue phone lines, usually connected to ADSL broadband.

Our full-service team can act as a comprehensive guide to explain the ways forward, whether to replace outdated cables, improve your networking speeds, boost your wireless connection to support faster calls through a VoIP or PBX system or upgrade to an entirely new telephone solution.

Maximum Networks covers every aspect of consulting, installing and maintaining your telephone lines, whether on one site or several and we conduct thorough testing to ensure that once your new phone cabling or system has been installed, it is working flawlessly.


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