No matter the size of your business or the sector it operates in, all sectors of business and all businesses have one thing in common: Costs.

During a climate where businesses are trying to find the most economical way to save money and at the same time, provide services to their specific customer base, however large or small that may be, costs determine what a business can or cannot afford to do.

Spend too much and your business struggles. Spend too little and your business may be left behind competitively.

In a previous blog, Managed IT Service Providers – What are they? we spoke about the benefits of having a Managed IT Services Provider and what they can provide to your business and your team of colleagues, be they in the same office in one location or located globally.

In addition, we also looked at the benefits of having a Managed IT Services Provider who provides Remote IT Support for your business

Today, let’s take a look at the financial benefits of having a Managed IT Services Provider taking care of your IT Support requirements. Often this is also known as Outsourced IT Support.

First of all, let’s define the term Outsourced IT Support:

“Outsourced IT Support means that a company chooses to hire an IT company to handle all (or some) of their IT instead of relying on an internal IT department. Some companies may retain a small internal team to liaise with the external Managed IT Services Provider.”

The use of Outsourced IT Support is growing year after year as businesses and clients of all types move to this way of utilising IT Support that meets their required needs. Businesses of any size that utilise IT Technology in all of its forms will always need a Support System in place.

The Figures & Rapid Growth of Outsourced IT Support globally:

Keeping this in mind on a global scale, IT outsourcing spending is projected to reach $519 billion in 2023 — a 22% increase on spending in 2019, during what is known as the pre-pandemic phase.

Currently, the global outsourcing market is worth $92.5 billion in total contract value, meaning that there are nearly $93 billion of IT Outsourcing contracts active globally. IT services make up 72% of the global outsourcing contract value.

IT Support isn’t the only option that can be outsourced globally. Companies can cut costs by outsourcing HR functions like hiring, recruiting, compliance and managing unemployment claims.

So how do I apply this to my business:

Any sized business can take on an Outsourced IT Support option that suits them, whether you have 10 employees based in an office in London or whether you have over 10,000 employees located remotely.

The Cost benefits are that based on your business requirement, you as a business can shop around in the competitive market of Outsourced IT Support and find the option that works best for your business size.

Outsourced IT Support covers a variety of tasks with the only limiting factor being what you are a business can afford to pay over a specified bespoke contract period to your chosen Outsourced IT Support Partner.

Those tasks include the likes of:

A normal contract period for a chosen Outsourced IT Support Partner starts at 12 months, during which time you can evaluate the performance and effectiveness they are providing to your business.

As is the case with Outsourced IT Support Partners, contracts can be renewed with the same terms or should you find that the support needs to increase for a longer period, this can be put in place.

The benefit to this is once the Outsourced IT Support Partner is familiar with your systems, the support and equipment that’s required and how to work with your own business, any contract renewal extends the partnership and gives you peace of mind regarding future-proofing your business.

In-House IT Support vs Outsourced IT Support

Previously, large companies would invest in their own In-House IT Support team.

This has its benefits, however, as employees look for new opportunities in their field and systems require constant upgrades, often this can leave a skill shortage which could harm your company’s position in the market it operates in.

Outsourced IT Support Partners are able to provide a service that keeps up with your IT requirements, allowing them to make sure that your business is kept up to date with virus protection and firewall management for the current climate.

Another benefit to this is that your Outsourced IT Support Partner can also make sure that your systems are future-proofed so that your business, your employees and more importantly your customers almost see no difference in the performance and service you provide.

Running a business that can operate during a seamless IT change or update, so that your customer base isn’t affected, can often make the difference between success and failure and this is how important a role your Outsourced IT Support Partner can play.

The Outcome:

Quite simply, money that you save by having the right Outsourced IT Support Partner providing you with the service that you require, means that you will be able to make sure that you have better Resources and Employees at least.

More critically, you are then able to put your business in the best position possible in the chosen market you operate within, potentially putting you ahead of your competitors.

So, now you have a better idea of what the financial benefits are of having an Outsourced IT Support Partner and how they can enhance your business, there is just one question left to answer:

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