Connecting to the internet via a high-quality Internet Service Provider (ISP) is crucial to running a business these days. Many businesses use the internet as their sole means of communication, which means you need a reliable, high performance and cost-effective provider. How do you choose?

ADSL2+, fibre optic and the provision of a leased line are most common for businesses. ADSL technology is usually the best option for small businesses with a low network demand, whereas a fibre optic connection can provide both increased speed and bandwidth. Leased lines on the other hand are perfect for those businesses which require a dedicated internet connection that is only available to their organisation and isn’t shared with other users of the same ISP. There are unlimited options when it comes to business broadband packages.

Broadband Router

Important factors for business broadband

Speed and bandwidth

Business broadband is generally available in faster speeds than the consumer packages to ensure your business can upload, make video calls, undertake website development etc. A number of broadband providers provide a range of different bandwidth options, to ensure your internet package can grow with your business.


If the internet is absolutely crucial to the operation of your business you will need to consider a failover, in case your main internet connection ever goes down – you could invest in a second landline for example.


phishing scams, hackers and security threats can happen to the best of us. Business broadband providers tend to offer high security options as standard, compared with consumer internet, but sometimes you may have to pay for additional security features so make sure you ask the question.

Static IP addresses

Some providers will offer you static IP addresses which you will need if you want to run a server, make calls over the internet or get direct emails.

Installation timescales

Business broadband can take anything from 10 days to 90 days to set up. If you’re moving office or your current contract is expiring, no doubt this will be a critical factor to consider when choosing a new ISP.

Top Broadband Companies

The top 10 business broadband companies in the UK

1. TalkTalk Business

2. Virgin Media Business

3. Vodafone Business

4. Plusnet

5. Toople

6. bOnline

7. XLN

8. BT

9. Onebill

10. Now TV Broadband

How Maximum Networks can help with your business broadband

Maximum Networks work across the whole of the UK and will recommend the best business broadband providers to suit your business as part of our managed business broadband and connection service, ensuring it is suitable for your business and its needs, today, and into the future. We will also manage the whole installation process ensuring the transition is smooth and snag-free.

Contact us today to discuss your options for broadband with a member of our team.