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It goes without saying that in recent months, video conferencing has become a key tool for organisations across numerous sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing.

Its benefits range from optimal communication between organisations, to business continuity for teams that have to work remotely. It’s also much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to hold meetings this way.

Equally, where people can’t come together in person, video keeps teams focused and engaged in a way that phone calls and emails simply can’t. What’s more, a meeting held by video can be every bit as effective as a face-to-face business gathering.

So even when increased travel becomes possible once again, many organisations will have come to appreciate the cost and time-saving benefits of video conferencing. It’s an alternative that still allowed decisions to be made during the months of pandemic.

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But for video conferencing to work well, and consistently reliably, you need to have the best technological solutions in place.

Google Meet, along with Google Chat, is a video communication tool developed to replace Google Hangouts.

Google Meet has all the features you need from your video conferencing app, and can be used across your workplace.

The American-Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software Logitech produces its Room Solutions to use with Google Meet, so that you have everything you need to hold your meeting with high-quality, dependable video and audio, at an affordable price.

These technologies come in three configurations from small to large. They include options for different sizes of room, so anywhere can be transformed into a meeting space.


Small rooms

Logitech MeetUp
With its compact design, this solution minimises cabling and can go under or above a computer display, and be wall-mounted to save even more space.

The conference cam incorporates an extra-wide field of vision, alongside integrated high-quality audio.

Mid-sized rooms
Meetings in bigger rooms have different needs as people sit further away from the camera. Again, Logitech has a solution.

Logitech Rally
With its sleek design, this top-of-the-range conference cam has an ultra-HD camera plus modular audio designed to reduce noise and echo, and supports many different layouts and sizes of room. Even if conditions are dark or backlit, participants are shown clearly.

Larger rooms

In the biggest conference rooms, needs will change yet again.

Logitech Rally Plus
This solution offers a second speaker and second mic pod for additional coverage to include up to 16 delegates, or up to seven mic pods for rooms with places for as many as 46.

Under-table cabling keeps things safe and looking neat.

How we can helpAt Maximum Networks, we supply and fit these products from Logitech, so that you’re all set for state-of-the-art video conferencing to see you through the rest of the pandemic and beyond.

In these uncertain times, don’t let below-par tools disrupt your video communication when you need it more than ever. Talk to us today. Call 0330 102 7444

Selecting the Optimal Video Conferencing Equipment for Your Business

With a vast array of options, video conferencing is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you need a high-performance video conferencing platform with exceptional sound quality, require secure facial recognition logins for sensitive discussions, or would like to develop your own meeting space on a tight budget.

The Maximum Networks team can advise on the technology best aligned with your needs, ensuring you have the necessary set-up to facilitate video calls with clear, crisp audio, high-resolution cameras and reliable software with the right tools for your remote or desktop devices.

Conferencing solutions can be integrated with existing hardware, designed for hybrid working, or installed in large conference rooms and dedicated Zoom rooms, helping businesses connect with partners around the world and communicate between remote working colleagues.

We customise our video conferencing solutions to your priorities, budget and intended user group, with a focus on cutting-edge conferencing equipment that is easy to use, whether you wish to host large-scale digital events or simply want to enhance idea-sharing and productivity among your teams.

The Advantages of High-Quality Video Conferencing for Cross-Border Collaboration

Many businesses use a video conferencing system to leverage the technology necessary to connect with international branches of their organisation or to support direct communications with overseas suppliers, manufacturers and vendors in any part of the world.

Video conferencing is ideal as a cost-saving exercise, without the time lags, distortion and potential for language barriers common in text, email and audio-only calls, while being available anywhere with an internet connection.

Features available include:

    • Virtual backgrounds for fully equipped Microsoft Teams rooms.
    • Fitted microphone, screen, camera, audio and remote-control equipment.
    • Software for the host to automate permissions for meeting participants.
    • Screen sharing, shared documents and virtual whiteboards for brainstorming.

Businesses can also select sector-leading hardware for meeting rooms, such as a widescreen display or a Poly Studio sound bar, while giving each user the ability to log on from remote or mini PC devices.

Introducing Video Conferencing Systems to Improve Management Oversight

Managers and team leaders within small businesses often find it challenging to remain up to speed with project progress or maintain great relationships with their teams, where staff work remotely. High-quality video conferencing solutions provide a streamlined way to stay connected, whether as a regular catch-up, to share reporting insights, or to troubleshoot and problem-solve.

From an HR perspective, this level of collaboration is essential, particularly for hybrid and remote work environments, ensuring any team member can pick up a conference phone to request support or step into huddle rooms when they have something important to share.

Devolved teams can use video conferencing equipment to remain part of a group, with outstanding video quality, zoom connections, software solutions and desktop-based equipment to ensure your organisation is always connected.

Maximum Networks provides an end-to-end video conferencing service, from advising on the hardware that will be compatible with existing software to designing and fitting complete digital meeting rooms.


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