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Support and Telecoms for Care Homes

Care homes rely on technology and communications for a huge variety of applications, from transmitting care reports, maintaining digital record-keeping compliance, providing access to technological resources and enrichment activities, and ensuring families and care residents have always-on contact with their loved ones and families.

Maximum Networks provides a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure care homes have the connectivity so important to delivering high-quality care while offering solutions that can reduce costs, mitigate outages and support excellent responsiveness for service users.

Our IT support services can be combined with the implementation of advanced cloud-hosted phone systems, with the capacity to scale according to demand and call volumes and support faster connections even during peak usage periods.

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Cloud-Hosted VoIP Telecoms for Care Homes

Unified communications services are the gold standard in advanced telecoms, allowing colleagues, visitors and residents to make calls through an internet-based server. For care homes, the benefits are significant:

  • Installation is swift and with minimal disruption, allowing you to replace all unreliable lines simultaneously.
  • VoIP phone systems are simple to maintain and manage while reducing the cost of calls.
  • Upgrades, new features and additional lines can be added at any point as care home residency numbers or functionality demands evolve.

Maximum Networks can provide tailored consultations to help you select the cloud-hosted telephony system that is best suited to your requirements. We also offer complete commissioning and long-term maintenance.

Customer service functions such as call logging and recording can add value to the experiences of families contacting a care home, making an enquiry or requesting a care assessment, improving streamlined communications and ensuring that busy care home teams can respond to all messages accordingly.

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Full-Service Care Home IT Support Packages

Care homes use a wide range of software and hardware to deliver residential care services, many introducing advanced technology such as speech recognition devices to assist with specialist condition management or automatic monitoring systems and fall detection alarms.

IT is a fundamental necessity, used as a tool to facilitate personalised care, manage administration functions, update resident’s care records and medication prescriptions, and promote a care home to the local community.

Maximum Networks provides cost-effective and customised IT support to care homes nationwide, with services including:

  • Remote IT help desk assistance, delivering emergency support during downtime or systems problems.
  • System monitoring and maintenance around the clock, identifying swiftly when an issue such as a data overload is developing, and implementing immediate fixes.
  • Ongoing network administration, providing upgrades as necessary to keep databases, software and communications devices working smoothly.
  • Consultations to help care homes select the most effective software, IT infrastructure and solutions to support faster communications, secure data storage and regulatory compliance.

Our experienced teams of technicians and engineers provide troubleshooting, technical monitoring, advice and guidance at any stage, whether you need to source the most appropriate options to facilitate communications between care shifts and teams or need dependable desktop-based software that will remain relevant over the long term.

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Improving Care Home Revenues With Advanced Telecoms and IT Support

Prospective care home service users evaluate the suitability of any residential care facility based on professionalism, the quality of care delivered and the systems in place to manage the needs of each resident while maximising enjoyment and quality of life.

Updated IT systems, secure communications, high-capacity connectivity and bug-free software services provide numerous benefits:

  • Improved experiences, ensuring support staff can respond promptly to all communications from potential new service users, healthcare partners, care coordinators or families.
  • More efficient administration, meaning less time spent behind a desk and greater capacity to engage and support care home users and residents. Examples might include electronic filing and remote device connectivity.
  • Greater accessibility for enrichment activities, using gaming consoles, online challenges, interactive quizzes, movie streaming and sports events to enhance the satisfaction of care home users without issues related to data capacity or download speeds.

Cloud-hosted VoIP telephone systems can introduce varied functionalities such as conference calling and call recording for quality control purposes and to support collaboration across care facilities, alongside supporting continued professional development by offering digital learning for care home staff.

Care home businesses and franchises with multiple locations also extract compelling benefits from resilient, secure IT systems and cloud-based telephone communications, allowing for multi-site information-sharing, essential for complex rostering, workforce management, incoming enquiry handling and family liaison.

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Expert Telecoms and IT Support for Care Home Clients

Maximum Networks recognises the unique needs and pressures care home managers deal with and ensures IT systems and telecoms work to improve efficiencies and outcomes by introducing advanced, reliable and scalable solutions.

We work closely with every care home client to audit your current telecoms and IT infrastructure, make targeted recommendations based on your priorities, and introduce upgrades that exceed your expectations.

Contact Our IT Services Support Team

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Our IT service desk experts side-step the jargon and are always happy to have a friendly chat about what you need, what you’re aiming for, and how we can help get you there.



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