Clearly, no business can even think about operating these days without fast, uninterrupted access to the internet at all times, whether it be a standard business broadband connection or superfast fibre-optic broadband. Effective communication and the ability to keep pace with your industry depend on it.

But with more choice than ever around, picking the right solution for you may not always be that straightforward. Here, we look at some of the benefits of fibre optic business broadband specifically, to help you decide whether it’s right for your organisation.

What is Fibre Optic Broadband?

Fibre optic broadband is super-fast to cover all daily web-based needs. It uses plastic or glass cables, allowing for more rapid data transfer when compared with the standard copper wiring used in most regular broadband connections. And it’s one of the latest advancements in broadband technology – what’s more, no particular software or equipment is needed to use it.

The reliance on fibre-optic rather than copper cables means there’s none of the interference that can affect the latter. Your signal is consistently dependable, and consistently fast, meaning you can always work at maximum speed and efficiency.

And while one of the early drawbacks was that fibre optic wasn’t available UK-wide, most providers now have packages available, wherever you live in the country.

Equally, the gap in price between fibre optic and standard broadband has narrowed considerably in recent years, so that’s there’s no virtually no difference between the two.

The pros

Install business fibre-optic broadband and look forward to these great benefits, whatever the size of your business and whatever sector you operate in:

Better business services for things like video conferencing or hosted apps
VoIP delivered over fibre optic cables can reduce your call costs
Quicker internet browsing including high-definition video streaming
Being able to upload and download files in second for faster back-up and sharing
The extra bandwidth boosts Virtual Private Networks performance so that work is easier and more secure, and downloading and uploading files becomes more efficient
More effective online marketing
Enhanced workflow and productivity

The flexibility to allow employees to work from home as required

So it’s perhaps no wonder that big hitters like Virgin Business, BT and others are investing heavily in fibre-optic broadband solutions.

Despite the future potential of alternatives such as 5G and satellite-based broadband, fibre-optic for business is here to stay. Consider investing in it for our business.

How we can help

At Maximum Networks, we can help with advising on fibre-optic broadband solutions for your organisation, as well as repairs, maintenance, spare parts, installation and more. Talk to us today.