As the world spins on its axis, with minutes, hours, days, and months passing by almost without a thought, you can guarantee that someone, somewhere is working away using a Managed IT Service Provider to help in the running of their business.

Some will work in an office location, others will work from home and certainly, after the recent pandemic, more people work from home, having proven the fact that it’s possible to do this and work just as efficiently.

With all this in mind, let’s look at our question: What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

The short and very simple answer is that a business, regardless of size, will purchase a Managed IT Services Provider plan from an IT company that can provide this service at a cost that is less than using an in-house IT service. This service will also provide a safe and secure environment for the data and infrastructure of your business.

Sounds simple when you put it that way.

But the term I.T. or given its full name – Information Technology, includes a wide range of services in what is an ever-increasing market where customers’ needs always ask for more.So, let’s look at this in more detail using Maximum Networks as the example. As a Managed IT Services Provider, here are some of the services they provide for their customer base:

That’s right, suddenly Managed IT Services Provider becomes a much clearer term with the options on offer for business customers, regardless of being a small operation or a much larger entity.So what are the advantages of using a Managed IT Service Provider? Let’s keep it simple as we take a look further into this subject.

Everything in one place

Depending on the size of your company and its global presence, there are some cases where there will be different in-house IT suppliers to contact for specific issues, making it difficult to get the right solution to the problem you have. A Managed IT Services Provider will take care of all your business needs, whether large or small, making sure that everything works together and that your business needs are fully supported.

IT Experience and Expertise

Taking on board a Managed IT Services Provider means that you are getting experience and expertise ready to go when you need it. A dedicated team of experts who know how your systems work and, more importantly, know how to resolve any problems that may arise, to make sure that the day-to-day running of your business carries on uninterrupted. Having fully trained experts ready just a phone call or direct message away also means that you have safe and secure support and guidance available to all your employees

As a cheaper option, saving money always goes down well

In the current climate, where costs are always rising and every business, large or small, is always looking to get the best service for the most affordable price, you can be certain that this will be an important factor. The cost of internal recruiting, training and employing an IT manager can get expensive, regardless of business size.

Outsourcing has always been a popular and affordable option in any business market, and the IT sector is no different. Having the services and support that you specifically require provided by a managed IT service provider saves money and makes high-quality IT support available to a greater range of businesses, domestically, regionally and globally.

Non-Stop Support for your business needs

Let’s be honest about this. Business runs 24/7, 365 days a year, non-stop. This is the world we live in.So your business will require the right type of support, whether you have 20 colleagues in one location, or 20,000 colleagues spread around the world working in different time zones. As technology becomes more complex, managing in-house software and hardware grows more challenging.You need the right type of support for your colleagues which will guide the systems you have at your disposal and that’s where a Managed IT Services Provider comes in. They will ensure that any problems are rectified promptly, offering a proactive approach, and often fixing issues before you are even aware of them.

Regular maintenance of your IT systems

To make sure that your business “runs like a well-oiled machine” means that regular maintenance of your hardware and software will need to take place, to minimise the chances of problems arising with your computers or your networksIf your business runs smoothly, then your customers are happy, and you know what they say about happy customers…

Future Proofing your business

Information Technology is always moving forward at a fast pace. There is always new hardware, new software, and new security. Every business is always looking for faster, more reliable and secure solutions to ensure they stay ahead of the competition whilst providing their customer base with the best service possible.A Managed IT Services Provider makes sure that all of your hardware, software and security are fully up to date, keeping all of your solutions viable and not falling behind competitors in the same market.

You know what you are paying for

Managed IT Services Providers provide your business with a high-quality IT support service. It’s as simple as thatThere are no surprises, no secrets, you get exactly what you pay for, whatever your business needs require, at a monthly cost, which keeps your business supported by the best service possible.

A Safe and Secure Infrastructure

The benefits of having a Managed IT Services Provider mean that you will have in place a much more robust and secure setup of data centres and network infrastructures. This also means that your IT hardware and software infrastructures will also be under constant surveillance, ensuring your business data is kept completely secure, very important in an age where GDPR breaches can cost your business dearly. A managed security service provider can reduce the risk of significant downtime and data loss because of setbacks such as human error, fires, flooding and other major issues that can cost your business important cash flow and lost customers.

So, now you have a better idea of what a Managed IT Services Provider can do for your business, there is just one question left to answer:

Why choose Maximum Networks as your Managed IT Services Provider?

We have a wide range of IT desktop solutions and print services for any business across the UK.Not only do we offer high-quality services across IT Services we offer business broadband solutions, telecommunications and much, much more. Get in touch at or call us on 0330 041 6308 today!