It seems hard to believe that we’re rapidly approaching a year since the first Covid-related lockdown was enforced, and more of us than ever began logging on at home to work. Since then, of course, we’ve all had to adapt at dizzying speed to new ways of life and working.

No one knows when Lockdown 3.0 is likely to end, only that it won’t happen overnight, or, in all likelihood, any time soon. Meanwhile, your IT clearly needs to keep pace so all employees stay as productive as possible, completing their essential tasks without interruption and in complete security.

At Maximum Networks, we’re resellers for Chinese tech giant Levono and can help you have the devices and solutions you need to ensure your teams are working at peak productivity, wherever they are and no matter how widely scattered. Windows Autopilot and no-touch deployment, for example, mean a team member can just unpack their machine and get working, anywhere.

Levono is perhaps best known for its laptops, offering a seamless tech experience as well as unbeatable, sophisticated security. But actually the brand can help from initial planning stages through to deployment and recycling when devices have reached the end of their life, meaning you enjoy complete lifecycle management.

The portfolio of automated IT options includes:


Microsoft Remote Desktop: So you have secure remote device management


Intel vPro platform: Allows you to manage devices which are switched off


SentinelOne: State-of-the-art antivirus using AI and ActiveEDR to halt even highly sophisticated security threats

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Speedy deployments

Specifically, a number of tools we offer are aimed at speeding up deployment:


Lenovo Ready to Provision (RTP): Custom preloads for more flexible, faster deployment


Lenovo BIOS services: Customised settings for your IT, depending on what you need from your networks and your security

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High-quality helpdesk support is offered every hour of every day of the year, in dozens of different languages.

Straightforward device management

Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions boost productivity while freeing up capital – all for a single monthly fee, with tailored, end-to-end solutions. As your needs change, you can easily add or remove devices from your plan.

Finally, location is irrelevant when you use a Lenovo Modern IT kit which easily fits solutions to business goals. You can also choose from the brand’s X1 family, Intel vPro platform and Windows 10 Pro, giving your business power, versatility and flexibility.

Reliable, secure and effective remote communication has never been more important. Get in touch today to learn more about how Lenovo business solutions could be absolutely right for you.

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