Making sure your business is cyber-aware


There are so many processes and procedures in the current age that we must now implement to minimise the chances and opportunities for a threat actor to plant malicious software or a ransomware programme into systems, not forgetting your cloud-based application Servers.

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Stay safe in the Cyber Realm and the Real World

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your systems are on AWS, Azure, HP Cloud, Google etc that it is safe from being encrypted by hackers.

If you let people into your local systems, somewhere in your configuration will be the links and access details to your cloud-based data. If you do not lock these down with encrypted storage and decent passwords, then it is as good as not locking your doors at night!

Phishing, Vishing and Text Messages are now so common place in terms of threat actors trying to gain access to data and bank accounts that we cannot stress enough caution to you all.

Your people need to have constant training and your IT provider may NOT have the skill set in delivering the messages as they may be too busy fire-fighting on a practical level to lock down your systems.

Also, from a cyber essentials point of view, your IT provider cannot ‘mark their own homework’ so it is advisable, at least once a year to have a network review by an external body and at least once a year have penetration and phishing tests applied to your networks.

The third test that needs to be checked on a regular basis is that your back-up files are actually backed up and that you can run from these in the event of a disaster. If your main database does get hacked and encrypted by a Ransomware attack, can your back up systems run without the risk of being infected with malware or ransomware?

With VoIP phones and in the main, all other essential products moving to Internet Protocol (IP) based hardware, are you securing your networks and using some type of segregation such as VLANS?

Setting up networks is now more complex than ever and you need to ensure that your IT / Technology partner is up-to-date with the latest methods to minimise the risk of any threat actors gaining access to your company in-house or cloud-based systems.

Keep your Business safe as possible.

Over 70% of business fold within two years of a major disaster as data is not backed up effectively and very often, non-existent as the back-ups have not completed nor tested on a regular basis.


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