Businesses and organisations often assume that IT support services companies are primarily there to deliver troubleshooting – finding the cause of an outage or problem and fixing it as quickly as possible. This service is indeed part of a Managed IT Support package.

However, another equally crucial responsibility is monitoring and managing business operations and security, from digital cyber security protection and data backups to offering solutions that enhance the physical security of the people, assets and equipment within a business.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the many security solutions we offer as an IT support company, how they link into broader IT support services packages, and why consulting our IT support engineers is a great way to assess whether your controls and defences remain up to the job.

What Security Services Does An IT Support Company Offer?

Our business security teams provide a full range of services, whether your risks relate to data protection, cyber security vulnerabilities, phishing attempts, physical break-ins or security breaches.

The first step is often to arrange a good time to consult with Maximum Networks IT Support Company and discuss your requirements, helping us understand where we can help as a support partner.

Cyber Security Management

Cyber security protection is a key aspect of a commercial security strategy. It ensures that every access point across your organisation is appropriately safeguarded from hacking, data breaches, malware, ransomware and viruses imported within harmless-looking trojan horses.

Whether you have a devolved working structure with colleagues working remotely at various locations, allow staff to bring their own devices to work (BYOD) or need powerful shields to protect servers, confidential data and financial systems, an IT service provider is the ideal solution.

One of the many cyber security issues – and the reason so many more data breaches seem to be occurring – is that cyber criminals are always developing new techniques or ways to infiltrate systems.

Phishing is a great example, with app-based networks and remote communications often opening up new opportunities to send convincing SMS messages and emails that are sophisticated enough to pass as authentic.

As your cyber security support provider, we don’t simply install a firewall or antivirus software but work proactively to update and upgrade software, introduce patches to respond to emerging security threats and monitor your networks and activities to stop any potential attack in its tracks.

Access Control Systems

Maximum Networks IT service support offers access control solutions that can control your door entry permissions or be used to protect high-value and restricted access areas such as storage spaces, server rooms or controlled testing environments within your business.

Digital entry systems are an excellent precaution and far more secure than relying on physical keys or security fobs and swipe cards, with the inevitable risk that if an employee loses a set of keys or an approved visitor misplaces their entry card, anybody in possession will be able to gain easy access to your facility.

Access control provides an alternative suited to the modern business environment, with biometric security that can recognise authorised visitors through facial scanning or fingerprint technology, and without meaning that you need to provide new team members or contractors with sets of keys to your building.

Many of our clients who need their premises to remain accessible outside of normal working hours opt for digital door controls reliant on electronic access permissions. The outcome is that doors are permanently locked until the appropriate biometrics are scanned – mitigating the need for lock-up services or the risk that the last person to leave could forget to secure the door or set the alarm.

CCTV Surveillance

We mentioned CCTV surveillance – another cutting-edge security asset that can provide advanced automation and technological tracking, feeding into business intelligence and productivity monitoring and protecting your business from criminal trespass.

Our security support engineers provide a complete installation and maintenance service nationwide. They are always happy to discuss the right alarm systems, CCTV cameras, monitoring services and technology to meet your risk assessment priorities and business security objectives.

IP surveillance systems are more functional and reliable than conventional static CCTV cameras and record excellent quality footage with features that enable them to scan, provide live access to footage, and with reduced cabling or ongoing maintenance needs – meaning you won’t need to accept significant disruption while extensive new wiring is fitted.

Added smart surveillance functionality such as facial recognition and number plate detection can further augment your security.

AI-enabled cameras can, for example, identify approved individuals or raise an alert when anyone enters a space who is on your approved database. They can also recognise movements, or when an item is missing – delivering immediate notifications, for instance, if a vehicle or item of equipment has been removed.

 Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

Casting our attention back to digital security, a final service we often recommend is a disaster recovery service, particularly relevant to businesses that collate, store or use data about customers, service users or clients that need to be adequately protected or encrypted to comply with data protection legislation.

Records may be commercially sensitive, confidential or essential to business continuity, and keeping your data safe is often just as necessary as preventing a break-in.

Maximum Networks IT support company provides an end-to-end service, including regular back-ups to ensure you have a protected copy of all crucial data and disaster recovery that is invaluable in a crisis.

Should an error, outage or hack result in an unauthorised party gaining access to your data, an IT support company engineer can plug the leak, identify how the incident has occurred, retrieve and recover data and ensure you can continue operating – while providing insights to help you determine which solutions are the best way to prevent any similar vulnerabilities from being exploited in the future.

Choosing the Right Digital and Physical Security Service

As we’ve seen, an IT support company offers a full-scope service covering all aspects of security, from your systems, networks, servers and data to your entry points, locks and external access routes.

For further information about any of the services discussed here and how they could reinforce your approach to security, please get in touch with the Maximum Networks team to schedule a good time for a call.