A new Europe-wide study of more than a thousand company executives has revealed business attitudes to cloud communication adoption, while five sectors that will boom with this telephony have been identified.

The survey of eight nations, conducted by Mitel, found that 81% of European companies are adopting cloud telecoms to gain innovative capabilities not available with a traditional system.

Meanwhile, a similar number, 84%, cite the cost of cloud migration as a key factor in assessing Return on Investment (ROI).

At the same time, crucially, well over half (62%) of European businesses say they prefer to rely on experienced advisers to help with their cloud migration.

This comes against a background of swift cloud telecoms growth, public, private and hybrid.

Market leader Mitel serves more than a million cloud users across Europe.

Cloud-based communications are a significant driving force in today’s world, and cloud is the biggest IT infrastructure category.

Now, as outlined on Entrepreneur.com, five key segments have been highlighted for which cloud migration could offer a genuinely transformative change.

These are:


Banking – at least in part due to the enhanced levels of security the cloud offers


Real estate – in this sector, organisations are increasingly turning to the cloud to ensure they don’t miss out on any queries from potential customers.


Travel and tourism – this sector was an early adopter, and cloud telecoms have completely transformed this industry.


Education – Universities and other higher education institutions which incorporate cloud-based telecoms networks can help students wherever they are, and monitor progress using a variety of metrics.


Healthcare – Cloud telephony can make the patient-doctor relationship more immediate and shared. It can also help keep track of patient records, and enhance the exchange of knowledge between practitioners globally.

Modern businesses have to up their technological game. Due to increasing competition, no organisation can afford to miss queries from prospective customers, or come across to anyone as unresponsive.

Cloud-based telephony offers a way (quite possibly the best way) of presenting a professional, tech-enabled way of engaging with a wide range of people.