What does Mitel do?

Mitel – or the Mitel Networks Corporation to give it its full name – is an Ontario-based global telecoms company and industry leader, offering businesses unified solutions for their communications, alongside cloud-based telephone systems.

Founded in 1973 by Terry Matthews and Michael Cowpland, it has, since a 2001 change of ownership, focused almost exclusively on Voice-over IP (VoIP) products.

The corporation’s line-up of solutions includes IP and digital phones, consoles, conference systems and associated products. Its collaboration and contact centre apps are designed to enhance productivity and customer experiences through voice, video and text solutions.

What are the benefits of a Mitel Telephone System?

When it comes to IP or VoIP desktop phones, Mitel leads the way, offering zero compromise on call quality. Not only are Mitel telephone systems highly cost-effective, but they can be accessed from just about anywhere.

Here are some of the other advantages to Mitel business telephone systems:

Smooth operators

Work wherever you are, in the office or elsewhere, thanks to the many versatile features of a Mitel solution. You’ll be able to respond quickly to either a customer issue or an internal matter, with the technology displaying who is available to take a call.

Enhanced productivity

Each team member has a single phone number and voicemail, allowing them to respond wherever they are. Such seamless working seriously boosts your organisation’s overall productivity,

That extends to staying in touch on business trips or when you’re at home, or even if you’re simply away from your desk at work, thanks to office roaming. Having one voicemail means having only to check that for messages, no matter how many devices you have.

Keeping costs low

No business phone system worth having is going to be cheap, exactly, but having one network for all your data and communication needs significantly lowers the cost of making calls, which could be especially helpful if you function across numerous different work sites.

Equally, your team members have the option to work at home, again keeping costs low and minimising the amount of office space you need.

The Dynamic Extension feature allows you to reach staff wherever they are.

Easy customer communication

Mitel’s automatic call distribution feature means customers swiftly get put in touch with the best person to help them. They are automatically transferred to the right department after a pre-recorded message asks them which department they need.

What are the phones like?

Mitel phones have advanced functionalities and connect seamlessly with mobile devices. Your solution can grow as you do, and it doesn’t matter how big your organisation becomes.

Even entry-level models can be personalised, with individual settings, phonebook and preferences. Touchscreen executive phones are also available, with the internet on a colour display, alongside bespoke apps. Meanwhile, desktop and large-display phones offer plenty of features, from noise reduction and company directory to visual voicemail and more.

Interested in a Mitel Business Telephone System? 

At Maximum Networks, we’re qualified, experienced Mitel telephone engineers, and can advise on the best telephone system for your organisation, whether you’re relocating or moving office, upgrading, setting up new premises or anything else. We also offer Mitel support and maintenance as well as a whole host of other services including SIP telephone systems and leased lines in Birmingham and across the UK. Give us a call for a chat, whatever you need we are happy to help, just get in touch.