In a fiercely competitive marketplace and an era of instant online reviews in which guests are increasingly demanding, a good phone system can set a hotel business apart from the competition.

But the solution you choose needs to do more than take bookings, put calls through to guests and ring them to wake them up, whether you’re a budget chain, a luxury property or specialise in a smaller, boutique offering.

The best hotel phone systems, tailored to an individual hotel’s particular needs, help save money while enhancing the customer experience, and optimising the use of staff and other resources. At the same time, they help ensure operations run smoothly.

What Should You Look For in Hotel Phone Systems?

The right hotel telephone systems offer a number of benefits, including:



Hoteliers need solutions enabling their staff to be reached at all times, wherever they are. This efficiency extends to smooth internal communications, plus easier management of room reservations and guest enquiry handling. Equally, reception staff need to be able to hold and transfer guest calls briskly.

Customer service

The hotel industry is highly competitive, and guests will simply take their business elsewhere if they are unhappy.

You need a solution ensuring guest privacy which also gives customers constant access to the system.

What Can Mitel Offer?

Launched in 1973 and based in Ontario, Canada, telecoms corporation Mitel specialises in providing businesses such as hotels with unified communications solutions. Indeed, it has been operating within the sector for more than three decades, and supplies leading solutions to some of the largest hotel brands around. So it’s very experienced at working on a large scale, and supplies both hosted and self-hosted options.

Its open-systems solutions protect the legacy telephony investment while allowing hotels to benefit from digital and other new applications, including Internet Protocol (IP) devices.

At the same time, as hospitality companies expand their portfolios, Mitel models allow IT teams to integrate new properties cost-effectively and seamlessly into existing operations.

Mitel can also help with easily set up, modern conference communications for hotels, while its integrated solutions reduces training needs so new staff quickly become effective.

Top Hotel Brands

Mitel has helped some of the leading names in the hotel sector, including:


Hyatt hotels

This brand manages luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, so staff and customer expectations are always high. The corporation has worked with Mitel for a quarter century, and turned to the telecoms provider again when it needed to upgrade to a modern solution providing an outstanding, 24-hour customer experience.



Rosewood Hotels & Resorts chose to introduce an exclusively IP-based Mitel hospitality model for multiple properties across Mexico and the US.

Available Solutions


MiVoice 6940

The Mitel MiVoice solution offers numerous benefits, including crystal-clear audio in HD, 96 programmable personal keys and a 7-inch touchscreen display in full colour. Its call recording and quality management feature offers invaluable insight into interactions with customers. This allows users to capture, archive, organise, play back and share voice calls quickly, for an immediate review of call handling performance, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

It’s a model that’s particularly well suited to a hotel reception environment.


Mitel 9116

This analogue model includes a speakerphone, eight programmable memory keys, call display and a visual call waiting function.


Cordless solutions

Finally, cordless solutions like Mitel Cordless Front Desk allow staff to switch between tasks efficiently, wearing headsets and with no unsightly cabling.

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