Almost every business relies on their broadband and phone connections to function, whether most of their activities are based online, they need unlimited downloads to receive client orders, or offer guest wi-fi to customers in a hotel, café or bar.

Many assume their only option is to compare standard packages from well-known UK broadband providers. Still, as a specialist in all things IT, broadband connectivity, and advanced, multi featured telecoms, Maximum Networks can offer a customised solution.

We often consult with business owners keen to implement superfast fibre or who are looking for broadband deals that offer more competitive prices but find it difficult to know where to begin. Let’s talk about how this service works and some of the options that may be suited to your business requirements.

What Does an Independent Business Broadband Provider Do?

Maximum Networks offers a complete range of broadband packages for commercial enterprises, always adapted to your needs and priorities. That all starts with a chat about your objectives, such as the download speeds available through your current provider, how well your existing business broadband is working, and any specifications you may have.

From there, we can recommend a range of options, including business broadband and phone packages, if you need a solution that includes a digital phone line, on-demand capacity for video calls or online cybersecurity protection suites.

Our role is to help business clients make informed decisions and advise on scalable, future-proof broadband and phone lines that will remain suited to the organisation in the years to come, with the flexibility to upgrade or increase services as the company grows and data usage needs expand.

Types of Business Broadband Packages Available

 As an overview, the main categories of business broadband include:

  •   Fibre broadband, which allows for high-speed data transfers and is best suited to businesses that depend on their broadband to operate. The download and upload speeds available are significantly faster than those facilitated by a conventional ADSL system.
  •   Leased lines provide security and low latency bandwidth, which avoids delayed page loading times or slow downloads while supporting the most important functions within your organisation. They offer the assurance of a dedicated connection that isn’t shared with any other users.

 Most businesses use either a high-speed fibre broadband line or a leased line that connects directly with the company. Although private, exclusive leased lines may be more expensive, the benefit is guaranteed upload and download speeds and having an uncontended connection.

The right options depend on your company, the number of devices and appliances you use, and the volume of data you upload and download per day. We can provide further guidance based on your network activity, requirements and budgets, ensuring you compare broadband solutions that will support your core business functions.

As a full-service provider, we can handle the initial consultancy followed by the installation service, checking that your connections are working optimally and ready for you to use.

Benefits of Tailored Business Broadband and Phone Packages

Regardless of your business sector, it’s very likely that you need reliable broadband speeds for continuity and customer service and to ensure you can always connect with vendors, colleagues and clients. We support small businesses and those with complex requirements, structuring their broadband deals to combine best value, added security and sustained broadband speeds.

Why consult an independent expert in the best business broadband deals rather than buying an off-the-shelf broadband package with a fixed contract length? We’ll run through some of the many advantages available.

Faster Broadband Speeds

Experiencing a broadband outage can be costly and time-critical, where companies depend on fast upload speeds rather than purely being dependent on download speeds, which apply more to home broadband packages. For example, if you host a website or sell products online and have a large workforce, you will require excellent upload capacity.

We can advise on the right business broadband connection to provide that, along with sufficient bandwidth to manage digital data storage requirements, video conferencing calls and any other internet-dependent processes.

Having a Static IP Address

IP addresses can be either dynamic or static. A static IP is highly preferable, meaning your IP address does not change regardless of which activity or function you are working on. Organisations that manage a website or use a VPN for global connectivity almost always require a static IP address, ensuring that workforce members can easily access desktops and devices and attend virtual meetings.

Tailored Business Online Security

Security is essential for any company processing online transactions or sending and receiving electronic data. Most business broadband deals have some security built in, including cheap business broadband offers – but you may need to scale up the safeguards within your broadband connection to keep your business fully protected.

Online security is key to defending businesses from scams, hacks and phishing, covering everything from data transfers to online banking.

Combining Business Broadband Packages With a Commercial Phone Line

Bundling your business phones and broadband together is often cost-efficient, particularly if you use more than one digital phone line or need to upgrade an outdated business phone system that doesn’t deliver advanced call-handling functions.

Maximum Networks commonly provides bespoke packages to include various services, including phone lines, superfast fibre broadband, a secure static IP address and unlimited download and upload speeds, ensuring your business has the scope, capacity and connections to work at its best.

Customising business phone lines and broadband is particularly important for remote colleagues or businesses with multiple sites or office spaces across the UK.

Our skilled engineers and technicians can manage every aspect of your business broadband and phone lines, from recommending solutions and helping you compare broadband speeds to providing complete commissioning and connections to get your new systems set up with ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Get in touch with the Maximum Networks team today for more information about business broadband, the types of packages and services we can offer, or for independent support to understand which ISP will best match your business requirements.