In previous news, we’ve spoken about the definition of a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner and also the financial benefits that they bring.

In this piece, we’ll look more closely at how a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner can benefit a small business: An entity that has become more widespread since the Pandemic, with new businesses created all across the globe in many different markets.

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What is a small business or SME?

Before we go further, let’s be clear on the definition of a Small Business or Small to Medium sized Enterprise according to the UK Government:

“An SME is any organisation that has fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 million or a balance sheet total of less than €43 million.”

However, this definition changes according to which part of the world that you look at. Within the European Union, an SME is defined as above but has a limit of 200 employees. In the United States, the limit for the number of employees increases to 500.

Whilst there are many big businesses and corporations around the globe, employing millions of people, there are 400 million SMEs which are the backbone of economies around the world. They are the main source of job creation globally, accounting for over 95% of firms and 60%-70% of employment.

With so many SMEs operating globally in different markets and sectors, part of their business can benefit from IT Solutions which in turn can be provided by Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners.

Let’s remind ourselves of the definition of Managed Outsourced IT Support:

“Outsourced IT Support means that a company chooses to hire an IT company to handle all (or some) of their IT instead of relying on an internal IT department. Some companies may retain a small internal team to liaise with the Managed IT Services Provider.”

How important Cost is for SMEs using Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners

An important factor in SMEs using the services of a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner is Cost, which is in fact a subject that affects all sizes of businesses and corporations globally.

Many decisions are made with Costs in mind and when looking at SMEs, this factor is all the more important in deciding what the best solutions and affordable solutions are that will both benefit and future proof the IT requirements of SMEs.

Cost determines what is affordable and this means that SMEs often have to take into account what the budget they have assigned to the possible onboarding of a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner and what services that new partner can provide them.

So, what are the Benefits?

We return to the title of this piece and ask the question: What the Benefits a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner can bring to Small Businesses?

There are several benefits that come with having a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner on board:

    • Outsourcing IT tasks to a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner helps companies focus on running the business instead of troubleshooting tech problems.
    • Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners maintain networks and perform necessary updates to keep the system running smoothly. They also make recommendations to optimize the network.
    • Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners can be costly but may save business money because they help you avoid serious tech issues and future-proof your business.
    • Your employees can’t work if your technology isn’t working. Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners are an increasingly popular option for small businesses.
    • Managed Outsourced IT Support Partners is a proactive solution. When working effectively, they can prevent technical issues from occurring.
    • They constantly monitor IT elements like hardware, applications, security, technology trends, and the internet and notify you when there’s an issue or abnormality.
    • Ultimately, you’re paying for someone to keep your business from having issues instead of fixing them.

Small business owners must weigh several factors when deciding to work with a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner. For some, costs may be prohibitive. Similarly, bringing on an MSP may be unnecessary if the business already has a fleshed-out IT team.

If you find your business frequently leaning on IT support or you’re spending too much time trying to fix technical issues yourself, a Managed Outsourced IT Support Partner may be an ideal solution for your SME.